• She works for victims of violent crime
    Updated On: Mar 06, 2017

    Mariah Low: She works for the victims of violent crime

    Mariah Low is a forensic scientist for the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab in Marysville.

    She’s one of the state employees we may never see but whose work we couldn’t live without.

    Day in and day out for the past 11 years she’s processed evidence in cases of crimes against persons, ranging from sexual assaults, homicides, assaults, domestic violence, robberies and burglaries.

    “We do a lot of work for the victims,” Low says.

    “Sometimes some of the cases are extremely difficult to deal with emotionally,” Low adds. “We see some pretty brutal stuff.”

    She’s also worked on other cases we all remember:

    • Low helped identify one of the national symbols of the 9/11 terrorist attacks – the flag that flew at Ground Zero, but disappeared for 14 years until it was turned in to an Everett fire station.

    • And she was part of the team that worked around the clock to help identify the remains of victims from the 2014 Oso Landslide that killed 49 people, “so we could get closure for the families,” Low says.

    Even though she can make more money in the private sector, Low says she sticks to the Crime Lab, “to see a case through to fruition, being able to finish a case and actually provide the investigators with valuable information that either keeps the case going, re-opens it or closes it.”

    Washington state employees like Mariah Low are the public servants who work for us everyday.

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